History – Philosophy

History – Philosophy


historiqueThe RPO group is composed of three imaging centres: two centres located in Neuilly-sur-Seine (“Cabinet Médical – CIMN” and “Service Radiologie de la Clinique Hartmann”), and one centre in Nanterre, in the west of Paris (“Service radiologie de la Clinique de la Défense”).Before 2009, the two imaging centres of Neuilly-sur-Seine and Nanterre were separated entities.The CIMN was initially created by Dr Michelangeli in 1968. Dr Michel Legmann joined it in 1972, and then Dr Henri Ouazan entered the centre as a partner in 1981. Dr Bèges also joined the centre later on.

The radiology department of Clinique Hartmann was created by Dr Jean Guigui and Dr Luc Rotenberg in 1997. They entered the RPO group in 2009.




RPO’s approach to imaging is very specific. The group’s values are in each and every member of our staff and radiologists, for each exam you will go through at one of our centres.

Our key services and values:


All examinations carried out at RPO are in line with our Internal Quality Measurement Practice.

Personalized radiology approach

Trust is at the centre of the relationships between our patients and radiologists. Its is continuously built through the personalization of our radiology service.

High-end radiology technologies
High imaging security practices

In our centres, all the radiology equipments are regularly renewed. Our radiologists also get continuous training in order to keep themselves update with the newest practices in the radiology field.